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Saint Vith

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Sankt Vith

A town marked by history

Holiday destination with a high recreational factor

The urban community of Sankt Vith is at the crossover between the Eifel and the Ardennes. Thanks to its excellent position in terms of transport connections, its green surroundings and its many leisure amenities, this holiday destination has a high recreational factor to offer. Gourmets too are familiar with Sankt Vith, as they can enjoy both local and international cuisine in its high-class restaurants.

Point of interest

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Panorama board Sankt Vith

This panorama board is 500 m from the 'Vennbahn' cycle route  and between points 45 and 97 in the junction node network (Walleroder Weg). An aerial photograph of the town provides perfect orientation. The town centre, with its cafés, res


Sankt Vith – a town marked by history

Sankt Vith is thought to have developed into a market town and a place of pilgrimage in about 900 A.D. Two trade connections were essential to this development: the Roman road from Reims to Cologne and the connection of the abbey towns of Malmedy and Pr&uum

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History museum 'Between Venn and Schneifel'

The former station building at Sankt Vith dates from the Prussian period and is home to the history museum today. The history of the region is documented here in multimedial and interactive theme rooms, from the Celts all the way through to the 20th century


Vennbahn cycle route

The Vennbahn, a leisurely cycling route on a former railway line, connects Aachen with Luxembourg (125 km) and runs right through the middle of the village . The maximum average gradient is two per cent. Info:



The Büchelturm, which dates from the 14th century, was part of the fortifications which were destroyed in the 17th century, originally consisting of a town wall with six defensive towers. Today, the Büchelturm is the landmark of the town. Built on


Historical tour – Sankt Vith before 1945

In the 19th century, the townscape of Sankt Vith was still dominated by slate-clad half-timbered buildings. These were largely destroyed in 1944 in an allied air raid. The historical tour 'Sankt Vith before 1945' provides a vivid insight into the hi

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St. Vitus' Parish Church

As early as 1130, a church building was mentioned in Sankt Vith. Over the centuries, it was damaged, extended and converted on several occasions. During the bombardment of the town in August and December 1944, this place of worship was so severely damaged t


Town park – 'Millionenberg'

After the Battle of the Bulge at Christmas 1944, the town was completely destroyed and demolished. All the rubble and all the belongings of the population were gathered together to form a hill, which symbolically bears the name Millionenberg. On this site,


Town hall square

The newly designed town hall square of Sankt Vith invites passers-by to take a seat in a semicircle around the St. Vitus column. The sculpture by the artist Ralf Ehmann, which weighs three and a half tonnes, stands in a fountain that symbolises the five for



With the opening of the 'Triangel' in September 2009, the town of Sankt Vith received a new status as a cultural, conference and exhibition centre. Every year, on the former station grounds at Sankt Vith, some 50,000 people from Belgium and the Germ

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