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St. Vitus' Parish Church


As early as 1130, a church building was mentioned in Sankt Vith. Over the centuries, it was damaged, extended and converted on several occasions. During the bombardment of the town in August and December 1944, this place of worship was so severely damaged that it had to be rebuilt. St. Vitus' Parish Church was officially opened in 1959 after a construction period of five years.
The neo-Romanesque architecture was complemented with contemporary objets d'art by the sculptor Zygmunt Dobrzycki. They form an exciting contrast to some of the mediaeval and baroque objects from the buildings that preceded them. For example, the font, the tombstone of Herr von Rolshausen and the statue of St. Vitus from the ruined church were all integrated in the new building.
In its design, the church features rich symbolism, which identifies it as a church of the resurrection. That is emphasised by an oversized sculpture of the risen Christ in the choir. The steeple, which stands on a broad base and tapers upward, symbolises our yearning toward Heaven.

An enormous geometrical drawing on a blue background on the ceiling of the choir symbolises the micro and macrocosm. The spiral that runs right through it is the expression of a theological message: God is at the beginning. He created everything. He is infinite and eternal.
The seven niches in the apse symbolise the seven sacraments. The alternation of large and small arches in the aisles refers to the ups and downs of life and the path that leads to God.
The three main entrances make reference to the Trinity or the three divine virtues: faith, hope and love. The entrances, relatively small when compared with the mighty steeple, suggest humility and a stooping posture when entering the place of worship.
Reliefs of the four evangelists adorn the arch supports. People who are plagued by stress or nervous diseases undertake pilgrimages to St. Vitus, patron of the town and the church, above all during the annual St. Vitus Octave in June.


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St. Vitus' Parish Church
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