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Vennbahn railway line cycle path


In times past, the Vennbahn connected the coalfields around Aachen with the north of Luxembourg. Above all, the railway line served the purpose of transporting coal and iron ore. For the inhabitants of the structurally weak Eifel, the Vennbahn also gave them the chance to earn a wage and some bread in the industrial centres on the Rhine, Rur and Maas. Today, the Vennbahn is a 125-kilometre cycling and hiking trail from Aachen - once across eastern Belgium - to Troisvierges in Luxembourg. One the ride, there is the opportunity of discovering fascinating landscapes, border country atmosphere, Vennbahn-stories and historical insights. The very modest inclines and the smooth surface, tarmacked almost throughout, ensure a very comfortable ride. This is one of Europe's longest railway line cycle paths and it has already received several international awards.

Info: www.vennbahn.eu


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Vennbahn railway line cycle path
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