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Pennings houses


The Pennings houses are on the Lütticher Strasse not far from the entrance to the casino pond. These two rough stone houses got their name from the smith who once lived here, Willem Anton Pennings. They are among the oldest preserved houses in Kelmis. The corner house in rough sandstone was built in 1776 by Pennings and his wife Anne Barbe Groenenschild. The house can be recognised quite easily by its window surrounds hewn in limestone. There is a dated arch brick on the left-hand side in the facade as a lintel and it bears the inscription 'A.0 1776/I.W.A.P./A.B.G.' (Willem Anton Pennings-Anne Barbe Groenenschild, smith at the Altenberg Company). On the facade there is a depiction of Christ on the cross in a shell-shaped niche. The second house in the ensemble was built in rough limestone in the 19th century and is presumed to have been a stable originally.


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Pennings houses
Lütticher Straße 241-243
4721 Kelmis