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Outrelepont Bridge


There are already mentions of this, Malmedy's first bridge, in texts from the 13th century. The oldest version of it, presumably made of timber, was built to replace an old ford. From 1619 on, the first stone bridge was built with seven round arches, but because of constructional deficiencies, it had to be renewed from the bottom up in 1765 – this time with material from the quarry at Mont. From 1744 on, various statues of St. John of Nepomuk, the patron saint of bridges and seamen, sat enthroned on the parapet. The current version was designed in 1976 by the artist Jean Thèrer on a commission from the festival committee of Outrelepont.


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Outrelepont Bridge
Outrelepont/rue Devant l’Etang
4960 Malmedy