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Medell means 'my valley'. From the location of the panorama board am Depertzberg, there is a magnificent view out over the village, which lies in a small valley.

'Am Päsch'
This village established itself at a watering place, where humans and animals alike could get water to drink. Today, it bears the road name 'Am Päsch'. A bluestone trough has been erected there in memory of the watering place.

Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception
The landmark of this village is the striking onion dome of the Parish Church, which was designed in about 1930 by the Malmedy architect Henri Cunibert. He was well known for his church buildings with unusual spires.

The farm at Dellerweg 127
This remarkable farm at Dellerweg 127 dates from 1754 and illustrates the construction methods of those times. The farmstead is constructed in rough, slate-like stone.




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4770 Medell