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Libermé Castle


The setting of Libermé Castle, protected by moats on all sides, is magnificent. The edifice stands in a lowland area just under a kilometre outside Kettenis. The first mention of this castle built in water was in 1334. It was originally a fief from Aachen's Church of the Virgin Mary . In the 14th and 15th centuries the castle was in the possession of the von Libermé family. In 1684 it was burnt down by French troops. In the 18th century the construction of a small stone bridge occasioned some structural changes. As from 1964, Libermé was converted into a restaurant, and in 1995/96, after a change of owner, completely refurbished. Listed as a historical monument, Libermé Castle is privately owned. Having said that, chamber music concerts are given for visitors there on a regular basis.


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Libermé Castle
4701 Kettenis