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'Klösterchen' ('little convent')


Generally known today as the 'Klösterchen' ('little convent'), this building was erected in 1752 on a commission by the cloth manufacturer Leonhard Vercken to plans by the Aachen architect Johann Joseph Couven. In 1857, it became a convent of the order of the Franciscan nuns of the Holy Family, founded in Eupen, and today it is an old people's home. There are some remarkable features, including the rococo gables with the coat of arms of the architect, and the French baroque windows. In the interior, there is a house chapel from the 19th century, and the crypt of the founder of the order, Josephine Koch (1815-1899).


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'Klösterchen' ('little convent')
Hufengasse 2
4700 Eupen