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Former dairy


In 1932, as in many other villages, a cooperative dairy was founded in Bütgenbach. At the beginning, only 32 farmers delivered their milk there, but the number of members grew rapidly. The milk was collected in the surrounding villages by horse and cart.
The Second World War forced operations to come to a standstill. From 1947, the difficult period of reconstruction followed. In the following years, several enlargements and modernisations took place as the butter and milk business flourished. The purchase of two tankers to collect the milk in 1972 illustrates this.
Due to favourable economic trends, the number of full-time farmers decreased from 1970, because more and more people were looking for employment on the job market. The decline in farmers was followed by a fall in the dairy industry. In 1980, the Bütgenbach company was taken over by the dairy at Büllingen.
The municipality bought the buildings and housed their building yard and the municipal police there. After the building yard moved to Weywertz, the municipality sold the building in 2007 to private individuals who use the premises for commercial purposes.


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Former dairy
Hofstraße 2
4750 Bütgenbach