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Recht Panorama 01(c)Christian Charlier

The village of Recht and the golden blue stone    

The village of Recht and the golden blue stone

In Recht, you run into slate wherever you go. Dressed rough stone, window and door frames, crosses and delicate sculptural works are all living evidence of a skilled trade which developed into an art. From the 18th century onwards, high-quality blueschist enabled the village to flourish and helped it, under the influence of four stonemasons who had immigrated from the Tyrol in about 1720, on its way to nationwide fame.

The surroundings of the village feature agricultural pastureland and expansive woods, and invite the visitor, with their well signposted routes, to go hiking or cycling. 

Point of interest


Recht panorama board

The panorama board is situated between points 45 and 97 in the junction node network at the Batzborn. A bench invites you to stop for a rest and offers a fantastic view out over the village of Recht, which lies on the...

2 recht schieferstollen 20 c christian charlier

Panoramic view

Slate mines and Recht Bluestone Museum

The slate mines in Recht were built in the mid-1880s by the Margraff brothers to mine slate for roofing. In the two tunnels, they extracted an approximately 480-million-year-old bluish slate, Recht bluestone....

3 recht ravel 01 c christian charlier

Ravel cycling route Vielsalm-Born

The cycling route between Vielsalm and Born is part of the Ravel cycling network in East Belgium. It runs along the former railway line 47A, is 20 kilometres long and joins the Vennbahn cycling route in Born. The...

4 recht pfarrkirche 01 c ostbelgien.eu d ketz

St. Aldegundis' Parish Church

St. Aldegundis' Parish Church was built in the 15th-16th century. The nave of this former Gothic church was extended in 1753 in the baroque style. In 1925 the old nave was removed and a new one, with a choir, was...

5 recht prozessionskapelle kriegerdenkmal 02 c ostbelgien.eu d ketz

Lady Chapel and Recht war memorial

At the crossroads in the centre of the village of Recht there is a procession chapel, which was erected in 1784 in honour of the Mother of God. Inside, there is a wall relief in slate, depicting St. Odilia. She is...

6 recht fusfaelle am hunnert 05 c christian charlier

Stations of genuflection 'Am Hunnert'

In the 'Am Hunnert' district, seven stations of genuflection line the road that leads up to the wood. These are reliefs from the Passion of Christ, chiselled in blue slate, which were erected in 1831 at the...

1 recht backsteinhaus 01b c christian charlier

Former bakehouse

The community bakehouse in Recht was built in about 1840, probably by the Tyrol stonemasons' families Zangerle, Starck, Graf and Meyer, who had settled near a slate quarry between 1725 and 1735. On the walls of the...

7 recht grenzstein108 03 c www.ostbelgien.eu

Belgian-Prussian border at Recht

In the Middle Ages, a road that was of great economic importance, the Great Luxembourg Highway, ran through the Ardennes from Luxembourg via Stavelot to Liège. It ran to the west of the village of Recht, and...