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Hiking route planner NodeMapp

The online hiking route planner NodeMapp Hike makes it easy to plan a hike. On the map you will find the complete network of hiking routes in East Belgium. Enter a location, click on the numbered nodes where you want to hike and the route planner will do the rest.

Red routes: routes signposted on site
→ Purple routes: virtual routes managed by tourism organisations
→ Blue routes: unverified, experimental and virtual network
→ Dashed lines: unpaved sections

Frequently asked questions

If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to send us an email, we will be happy to help!

Routes planned in the new route planner cannot be exported to the GO Ostbelgien app. However, it is possible to export them to the NodeMapp Bike/Hike apps via the QR code.

Routes previously saved in the GO Ostbelgien app will not be available in the long term as the app will no longer be updated. However, cherished routes can easily be secured during the transition period, up until the end of April 2024, either by manually writing down the junction nodes and then inserting them into the new Bike and/or Hike app or by transferring them to the new route planner on the East Belgium Tourist Agency’s website (ostbelgien.eu). Routes newly planned on your PC can be printed out, downloaded as a GPX file or transferred to the new apps in the usual way.

The Go Ostbelgien app will no longer be usable after April 2024 due to the absence of technical support. We therefore recommend switching to the new NodeMapp Hike and/or Bike app as soon as possible.

The NodeMapp Hike and NodeMapp Bike apps allow you to plan routes based on hiking or cycling junction nodes free of charge, as well as to save up to 10 routes (more storage capacity is available in the Premium versions). It is also possible to import routes into the app from a PC, to share the routes with other users, and have the app display your current position.

In addition to more storage capacity for saved routes, in the Premium versions the apps offer an offline mode and a statistics option, and above all a navigation mode with voice navigation and an alarm signal to alert you if you deviate from the route.

The NodeMapp apps can be used free of charge, but the free versions offer only planning functions and no navigation functions. The latter are available in the Premium versions, which can be purchased through a subscription.

The Premium versions are available for €14.99 per year per app. If you want to use the Premium version in both apps, you can benefit from a preferential rate of €24.99 per year.

Yes, the Premium versions of the NodeMapp apps can be tested for free for two weeks after purchase from an app store. However, if you no longer wish to use the app after the offer period, you must actively unsubscribe, otherwise an annual subscription will be charged.

Yes, the route management tool displays route closures in the app. This innovation represents a major advantage compared to the previous GO Ostbelgien app.

Hiking junction nodes in the German-speaking communities of East Belgium (Kelmis, Lontzen, Raeren, Eupen, Bütgenbach, Büllingen, Amel, Sankt Vith and Burg Reuland) are all signposted on site. Junctions that are signposted on site are shown in red in the app; the network that is only available digitally is shown in purple.

The cycle junction nodes are all signposted on site, although work is ongoing on the renewal of signage across the network.