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Hohes_Venn_Brackvenn_Wandern_03©Chris Eyre-Walker

the High Fens

The High Fens,
a unique experience!

The High Fens can be discovered in different ways. Whether you are on foot or by bike, want to experience more about nature or just enjoy the scenery - everything is possible....

Hohes_Venn_Brackvenn_Wandern_01©Chris Eyre-Walker


Hohes_Venn_Brackvenn_Wandern_01©Chris Eyre-Walker

The further away you get from the car parks and visitor centres, the narrower, wetter and more rustic become the grounds of the paths, which can be covered with roots or rocks in some places.

Hohes_Venn_Sourbrodt_Vennbahn_02©Chris Eyre-Walker


Hohes_Venn_Sourbrodt_Vennbahn_02©Chris Eyre-Walker

Would you like to discover the High Fens by bike and enjoy these wonderful landscapes? We've selected the best itineraries for you to enjoy an unique experience.

Leisure activities

In addition to walking and cycling, the High Fens have quite a few activities to offer. The nature centres offer fun and educational activities that will delight young and old alike!

The Nature park centre - Botrange and the Nature centre Haus Ternell both offer an exhibition highlighting the fauna and flora of the High Fens. Would you like to find out more about the animals that inhabit the Nature Reserve, or how it is maintained? These exhibitions will help you do just that, and provide a good introduction before you set off to discover the area for yourself.

You can also discover the fens with a nature guide. The nature centres and the Tourist Information Signal de Botrange offer full-day and half-day guided walks on request. The guides are trained, qualified and multilingual. A unique way to discover these wide-open spaces and their secrets!