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East Belgium - The Magazine 2023

The new volume of the East Belgium Magazine invites you to discover the region in a variety of ways. It tells exciting stories about people and their passions: 


These and even more stories invite you to explore East Belgium. The magazine is full of impressive pictures and contains useful information about cycling, culinary delights and tips for excursions. In the final pages, the reader will find a comprehensive list of accommodation and excursion destinations. 

"East Belgium - The Magazine" (1/2023, 64 pages) is published in German, French and Dutch and can be ordered free of charge or simply downloaded. The magazine is also available free of charge at all tourist information offices in the region. 

Publisher: East Belgium Tourism Agency, Hauptstraße 54, 4780 Sankt Vith, +32 80 22 76 64, info@ostbelgien, www.ostbelgien.eu.