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Dive in!

Enjoy the outdoor life, celebrate culture, open the door to new adventures – with all the family. East Belgium has made relaxed living a way of life. And warmly welcomes guests.

Text: Thomas Zwicker Picture: Jochen Tack 

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East Belgian Triathlon: swimming and running stages at the Weser reservoir and dam.

1. In harmony with nature

Remarkable for the wild landscape of its setting, the East Belgium Triathlon is a challenge for all ages. It has been one of the biggest sports events in the region for 35 years. The most popular discipline, the middle distance triathlon, is considered a pure-nature-classic: a 1900-metre swim in the Weser (or Vesdre) reservoir (the second largest reservoir in Belgium), 90 kilometres on the bike through the High Fens Nature Park, and finally a 21-kilometre run beside the reservoir – exhilarating for athletes and spectators alike.

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Triathlon Eupen


Malmedy celebrates with a parade on Sunday. The Malmundarium is now a museum.

2. Celebrating together

Many towns in East Belgium, in keeping with their German neighbours, maintain the Rhenish tradition of carnivals, often with a satirical take on current issues. The Cwarmê in Malmedy brings locals and their guests together for four days of celebrations. Malmedy’s Malmundarium (below) has a permanent exhibition about the carnival, alongside its history and art collections.

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Typical East Belgium


Across the East Belgian winter country - on cross-country skis or with six dog strengths.

3. Making tracks

Trees frozen into ice sculptures, clear blue skies and a few cross-country ski tracks across an open field of snow… this is the highest place in Belgium. With its High Fens and the Eifel-Ardennes region, East Belgium has a vast winter sports playground on its doorstep. There are around 20 ski centres, with excellent cross-country skiing areas and alpine-ski slopes, plus toboggan runs, guided snowshoe tours and winter hiking trails.

Information and tips at:
Winter sport in East Belgium


The light show is the highlight of the underground tour with guide Christian Krings.

4. Time travel underground

Bass-notes boom, disco spotlights bathe the rock walls of the "Cathedral" in colourful light to the beat of the music: the light show is the highlight of a guided tour of the Recht Slate and Bluestone Mine. Until the 20th century, bluestone – a bluish phillite slate – was mined in the village of Recht by opencast mining. "For about 15 years, up to 25 men worked in the mine until it was closed about 100 years ago," says Christian Krings, a guide at the mine. Tyrolean stonemasons also moved here to work the bluestone – as some of the family names in Recht still recall.

More info:
Recht Slate
Discover activities


Leisure and excursion ideas in Ostbelgien

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Herring salad - The recipe

Herring salad, just the right thing for the carnival season. Here's the original recipe.

Kelleter (5)

Carnival pastries in East Belgium - there's something for every carnival person 

“Berliner”, “Krapfen”, “Quarkballen” and “Mutzen” are an integral part of the East Belgian carnival. Christoph Kelleter, a baker from Eupen, explains what they are all about. Take a look


The High Fens in focus

Skeletal trees, untrammelled nature, boardwalks over the wet moorland stretching into the mist – a hike in the High Fens always feels like a mystical and marvellous escape.

Wolfsbusch H©Udo Bernhart Interreg EFRE (93)

Von Kelten und Glücksrittern – eine Wanderung durch den Wolfsbusch

Julius Caesar, Zwerge und die Kelten: Ihnen allen begegnet man auf der knapp zehn Kilometer langen „Genusstour Flussgold“ durch den Wolfsbusch. 

104- AR40104

See inside the oldest and first organic distillery in Belgium!

We are visiting the Radermacher distillery, a family business for six generations making a whole range of products from whisky, rum and vodka to the most fruity jenevers (gin) and liqueurs. Ecological sustainability is a key factor in their operation. Bernard Zacharias is at the helm in the factory and invites us to join him in what he calls “his passion”.


Look what's growing here

The little River Holzwarche in East Belgium is the focal point of a beautiful nature reserve, a perfect place for walks for young and old alike.


Crossing into no-man's-land

Situated in the border triangle between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, for 103 years the mining town of Neutral-Moresnet did not belong to any state.


To Bellevaux, for serious beer

In the tavern of the Bellevaux brewery, customers can sample its range of beers: Brune, Blonde, Blanche, Lager, Black, Malmedy Triple.