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Gîte de groupes Kaleo Haus Stockem

Place :Eupen

From  138,60 €
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Welcome to Eupen, the capital of the German-speaking community of Belgium! The medium-sized Gîte Kaleo in Haus Stockem is the perfect starting point for a discovery of this region.
Along the seasons, several hiking tours will provide you with the opportunity to explore the Hertogenwald, the High Fens, the Gileppe reservoir dam and the cities of Monschau and Aachen.

General information

People : 27
Rooms : 4
Shower : 5
Toilet : 4
 Wifi internet access
 Garden / park
Overnight : 138.6 - 252€

Conditions / extras

Reservation costs: 194.80 Euro. Member card: 5€/year



Contact details

Gîte de groupes Kaleo Haus Stockem
Stockem 39-41
4700 Eupen

T. +32 2 209 03 00
F. +32 8 223 03 89

E. info@kaleo-asbl.be
W. https://www.kaleo-asbl.be/fr/gites/haus-stockem-eupen/