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Winter sports


In the winter, Elsenborn is largely devoted to winter sports. The cross-country ski trails are prepared for both the classical and the skating style and enable visitors to do laps of up to 14 kilometres. Altogether there are 800 pairs of cross-country skis waiting to be hired out to individuals, groups, school classes and families.

The newly built biathlon centre at Herzebösch attracts professionals and young talents and is also available to those who are interested in leisure sports. However, the planned touristic use goes further than that: there is shooting for everyone, i. e. all those who wish to try out the biathlon experience. The amenities include laser shooting, and shooting with air guns and biathlon rifles. In the summer the facility remains open for rollerskiers and in-line skaters, who can enjoy the charming landscape on the freshly sealed piste.


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Winter sports
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