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Wewesch house – pottery cellar


The core of today's “pottery cellar” was built in the middle of the 16th century. The then lord of the castle of Rolshausen had the house built from stones taken from the Bütgenbach castle. The house name "A Wewesch" refers to a resident of the early 18th century, the Castle Administrator and Mayor, J. P. Weber, who went down in history as an unfaithful administrator and whose ghost therefore, according to legend, still prowls around. In 1786, the authorised property manager of the von Rolshausen family sold all properties to the highest bidder. Around 1900, the house came into the possession of Mr. Jacob Weynand. His son, Wilhelm, set up a haulage company here in the 1930s. After the death of Wilhelm and his wife, today's “pottery cellar” was born. A businessman from Euskirchen (D) bought the property in 1981, set up a pottery and, in 1985, also a restaurant – only the latter continues today under the new owner.

The house is already marked with the old linden tree on a map from the 18th century. The second tree, an oak, is a peace oak that commemorates the victory of the Prussian troops against France in 1871.


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Wewesch house – pottery cellar
4750 Bütgenbach