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Village Square, König-Baudouin-Platz


At König-Baudouin-Platz near the church, there is a monument in honour of the American soldiers who fell or were imprisoned around Schönberg during World War II. In December 1944, Schönberg was the scene of bitter battles between the German troops and American units. After a rapid counter-offensive by the Germans, the 7000 American soldiers had no choice but to surrender. It was the largest-scale surrender of the Americans on the European battlefield. More than 200 of the captured soldiers did not survive the horrific conditions inflicted on the prisoners of war. In addition to this historically important memorial, the square also features a playground and a wooden pavilion in the form of a parasol, where guests can relax and enjoy a picnic


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Village Square, König-Baudouin-Platz
4780 Schönberg