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Village Square, K.-F.-Schinkelstraße


The village square lies adjacent to the Our and was the location of the school during Prussian rule. Today, it is a residential building. In addition, a plant nursery was run on the square where the Prussians tested which fruit tree varieties were best suited for cultivation in the area. In keeping with this period, a didactic green belt was created here, in which various fruit trees grow. Six illustrated boards explain the fauna and flora of the Our Valley in German, French and Dutch. There are plenty of pictures alongside the information about the wetlands in the Our Valley, the Großweberbach Valley nature reserve, the river habitat, the Our, and about the beavers that live here. The Schönberg monument on the site is dedicated to the 14 partner towns with the name Schönberg in Germany and Austria, which meet regularly at international Schönberg meetings. On the monument, a frog with a wheelbarrow is a reference to the "Jahnlauf" – the annual frog race held in the village from 1951 to 1996. For animal welfare reasons, this tradition has not been maintained. At the entrance, a historical display commemorates local historian Dr. Anton Hecking (1807-1892), a favourite son of the village.


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Village Square, K.-F.-Schinkelstraße
4780 Schönberg