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The legend of the Lützevennsmännchen


Naturally, there used to be hunting in the woods and Venn valleys around what is now the military training ground. On one such hunt, three hunters were pursuing a hare, but it managed to get away from them again and again. Whilst two of them soon abandoned the chase, the third continued doggedly and disappeared in the swampy thickets, never to be seen again. According to the legend, however, he continued to roam the Fens as a ghost and appeared in and around the Lützevenn from time to time. Some of the encounters with the ghost were said to be peaceful, whilst others were described as terrifying. It was said that the Lützevennsmännchen, as the apparition was called, once joined some woodcutters at their fire, warmed itself up a bit, said a few words and vanished again. Others however, in particular those who made fun of the revenant, were said to have had a hard time at the hands of the Lützevennsmännchen: it grabbed them by the neck and lifted them up into the air. Some were said to have gone grey after such an encounter. Earlier, the people in our villages used to tell lots of stories about the little ghost. And they firmly believed that the Lützevennsmännchen really existed.


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The legend of the Lützevennsmännchen
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