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Tal Castle


The history of this castle is relatively recent. It was built in 1775 by the Mayor of Eupen, Rainer Franz of Grand Ry, and beautifully fitted out in its interior with tapestries and chimneyplaces. The estate remained in the possession of the family until 1801. After that there were several owners. For example, 14 weaver's families with 42 looms were accommodated there; causing the castle to suffer very considerably. In 1898, it found its way back into the hands of the Grand Ry family. After the Second World War it served variously as a hotel-restaurant, a convent and a holiday home for children. The illusionistic artist Rainer Maria Latzke had it restored at great expense in 1986. The property is surrounded by beautiful garden and can only be seen through the high railings of the fence on the Talstraße. It is privately owned.


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Tal Castle
Talstrasse 32
4701 Kettenis