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St. Stephanus church


Today's St. Stephanus parish church was built in 1932 according to plans by the Malmedy architect, Henri Cunibert. The juxtaposition of neo-Romanesque architecture, Christian symbolism and historical relics gives the building a surprising harmony and extravagance. The four corners of the bell tower point exactly in the four cardinal directions and the 12 pillars in the central nave of the church refer to the 12 apostles.
The old parish church, built in various phases from the 12th to the 18th century as a Gothic building, was partly demolished in 1938 (tower) and 1951 (central nave). Several valuable pieces have been preserved from the furnishings of the former parish church. Mention should be made of a Romanesque font from the 13th century with four human heads, a Gothic holy water stone from 1560, a communion bench made of bluestone (18th century), the tombstones of Jacob von Reiffenberg († 1567) and Johann Reinhard von Bulich († 1593), a Cologne Madonna from the 14th century and a monstrance from the 15th century.


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St. Stephanus church
4750 Bütgenbach