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St. Lambert's Parish Church


Like the churches of Büllingen, Amel, Thommen and Neundorf, the parish church in Manderfeld may be standing on the foundation walls of a Franconian royal court.
The parish church is a rough stone building dating from the 16th century with a single nave. The west tower, however, is considerably older. The coat of arms of the Trier elector Richard von Greiffenclau (on the outside of the tower) points to its having been a donation.

Neo-Gothic high altars
Following numerous conversion and renovation works on this church during the course of the centuries, the neo-Gothic high altars, some 100 years old, were re-erected at their original location in 2011.

Side chapel
In the side chapel of this church, there are neo-Gothic statues (1903) of the four evangelists with their typical attributes: Matthew, with the angel (symbolising human nature), Luke, with the bull (a symbol of sacrifice), Mark, with the lion (strength of belief), and John, with the eagle (symbol of the spiritual). Having said that, there are various different interpretations of these attributes.
An inscription indicates that the gallery dates back to 1781.

Way of the cross
In the former cemetery behind the church, there are 14 stations of the cross on man-sized pillars in new red sandstone. The wayside shrines were donated by members of the parish in 1765. The baroque reliefs depict Christ's suffering; each one has the name of the donor on the back. The depiction on the 14th station in the form of a burial group, accommodated in a small building, is unusual. Buildings of that kind are known in the vernacular as dormouse nests.


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St. Lambert's Parish Church
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