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St. John's Protestant Church


The foundation stone of St. John's Church was laid on 7 July 1856. The Vieille-Montagne company, at which some 120 Protestant white and blue-collar workers were employed, provided the land and a large donation. The rest came from various other collections. The interior was kept simple, as for Christians of the Protestant Church the focus is on the preaching (from the pulpit), and no paintings or coloured glass windows should distract the attention of the congregation.
In 1858, a graveyard was consecrated behind the church: the tombs of the medical counsellor Dr. Molly (1838-1919), an important personality in Neutral-Moresnet, and Max Braun, senior engineer and director of Vieille-Montagne in Moresnet (died 1874) can still be seen there.
In 1860, the vicarage was completed.
Since 2006, the church has been listed as a historical monument.


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St. John's Protestant Church
Hasardstraße 8
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