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St. George's Parish Church


The parish church of Schönberg, which was completed in 1828 according to plans of the famous Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, was hit hard by shells at the beginning of the Ardennes offensive on 16 December 1944, which meant the church had to be rebuilt. The new church was inaugurated in 1962. Before mass could be held again at the new church, the services had been held at Saal Schröder and then in an emergency church, which today serves as a parish community centre. 

The brickwork of the new church is made of rubble stone, and the tower stands 20 metres tall. The high, colourful windows have been fitted with modern lead glazing. Inside the church, besides the windows and what at the time was a very modern Way of the Cross, the choir room with the communion bench and the altar made of black Belgian marble stand out in particular, as well as the 75 kg steel tabernacle, whose enamelled doors are decorated with 35 crystals from the mountain. Under the decorative acoustic element is a silver-plated copper Christ on a wooden cross made in 1961.

At the back of the church in the baptistery is the Pieta of Schönberg, a picture of the Virgin Mary. It dates back to the first half of the 16th century and was salvaged from the castle chapel.

Another special feature of the church is the 19th-century winged (folding) altar dedicated to the Fourteen Holy Helpers in the choir room. The winged altar is a special kind of altarpiece that is common in Central Europe, in which the fixed altar shrine can be closed by several wings. The altar dedicated to the Fourteen Holy Helpers in Schönberg consists of two wings, two back plates and 16 paintings of the 14 Holy Helpers and two angels. The Holy Helpers were saints from the 2nd to 4th century. In the middle of the altar is a statue of the parish patron, St. George from around 1850.


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St. George's Parish Church
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