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St. Catharine's Church in Kettenis


This Catholic parish church is presumed to have been built in the 15th century and then further expanded in the centuries that followed. The oldest parts of the building are the fortified tower and the Gothic main nave. 

The high altar is presumed to have been built on plans by the Aachen architect Johann Joseph Couven, who had already designed the high altar at St. Nicholas' Parish Church in Eupen several years previously. Among other things, the baroque depictions feature the beheading of St. Catherine.

The structure above the large ciborium depicts the Holy Ghost, effulgent.

Above the tabernacle: a relief depicting the sacrifice of Isaac.


The carved base unit of the altar, dating from 1729, came from St. Jacob's Church in Aachen. There is a medallion of Christ to be seen at the top, and below that, there is a large laurel wreath and the depiction of a saint in a monk's habit with a crown, rosary and pilgrim's staff. These are the attributes of St. Judoc, who is worshipped at St. Jacob's in Aachen.

The baroque chandelier in brass is a work dating from the 18th century.

This simple timber pulpit was made in the 18th century. On the abat-voix, there is a statue of St. Michael fighting the dragon.

The right-hand side altar dates from the beginning of the 19th century and features an oil painting of St. Anne.

The Stations of the Cross as they are today date from 1898.

This side altar (beginning of 19th century) is consecrated to the Queen of Heaven.


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St. Catharine's Church in Kettenis
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