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Patients' chapel


This small place of worship was part of a leprosy colony that was established here in the 12th century. After a devastating plague epidemic with some 200 victims, the population organised pilgrimages and processions. In 1741, during a time of great despair, Nicolas Lejeune, who came from Faymonville but lived in Cologne, donated a wooden Madonna to the Benedictine monks. In only a short time, this Madonna began to be honoured as 'Our Lady of the Sick'. When, shortly after that, the plague came to an end, the chapel was dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The statue was stolen in 1998 and there has been no trace of it since then. The many votive tablets in the interior of the church still remind us of the Mariolatry of days long gone.


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Patients' chapel
Rue de la Chapelle
4960 Malmedy