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Market square with mini golf course


In earlier times, the market square of Bütgenbach was a wetland. In order to be able to use water from the well better, the area was surrounded by masonry. In the vernacular, the place serving as a cattle trough and washing area was called Vennborre (Vennbrunnen). In summer, the farmers filled their barrels here to provide the cattle in the pasture with water.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Mayor Emil Kirch suggested that the market square in Vennborre should be laid out and lushly planted. A bronze bust in the market square honors the meritorious mayor. In the 1950s, the Vennborre was built over with a kiosk. Since then, the well water has been running into the sewage system. Nowadays, the market square is a green haven and a popular meeting place in the middle of the village. Locals and guests celebrate the fair, St. Martin's Day, the horse blessing and numerous other festivities, concerts and markets in the market square. They compete at mini golf and the little ones can play in the playground nearby.


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Market square with mini golf course
4750 Bütgenbach