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Lourdes Grotto and Calvary


The "Our Lady of Lourdes" grotto goes back to an idea Father Franz Darcis had in 1938. The Schönberg clergyman had expressed his wish to create a modest Lourdes grotto in the parish garden. The congregation came up with the plan to build a public grotto that could serve as a place of pilgrimage. So they started digging a grotto into the mountain with picks and shovels. The project proved to be very laborious, so they decided to commission a Flemish company to complete the grotto. On the hill behind the grotto, a Way of the Cross was created, which initially consisted of the seven footfalls of Schönberg. Later, it was turned into a complete unit. Today, the 14 stations are maintained throughout the year by several families from Schönberg and the surrounding area.
The ensemble was inaugurated in 1939. The Calvary and grotto attract several pilgrims for a procession of lights on 15 August (Assumption of the Virgin Mary).


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Lourdes Grotto and Calvary
Bleialfer Str.
4780 Schönberg