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Hepscheid – Heppenbach – Halenfeld


Well signposted hiking and cycling routes take you through this landscape characterised by slopes, woodland, meadows and watercourses. This is a place where you can still explore nature. The source of the Amel is in Hepscheid.

The house of woods, with direct access to the educational nature trail, 2.6 km in length, which has also been extended to include an art trail, is something one definitely should not miss. The trail starts and ends at the barbecue hut in Halenfeld.


A recently created 5.8-km educational bird trail is entertaining and informative, and not only for families with children. It has been designed with the aid of the children from the elementary school. The trail starts and ends at Café Müller opposite the church.


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Hepscheid – Heppenbach – Halenfeld
4770 Amel