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Former seat of the Baltia Government


This impressive neoclassical building is one of the few remnants of the Prussian regime. After its completion in 1914, it was first used as the official premises of the administrative district council. With the Treaty of Versailles, Prussia had to cede not only Eupen and St. Vith, but also Malmedy to Belgium. After Lieutenant General Baron Baltia had been appointed governor of the region of Eupen-Malmedy in October 1919, the building was finally given a new purpose: it became the palace of the so-called Baltia Government, which came to an end in June 1925 on the final annexation of the area to the Province of Liège. Following a fire during the Second World War, the building was confiscated by the Germans and used as a headquarters. In 1988, it was purchased by the régie des bâtiments. Today, after elaborate conversion and development work, it is used as office premises for the various different departments of the Federal State.


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Former seat of the Baltia Government
Rue Joseph Werson 2
4960 Malmedy