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Chapel of the Resurrection


The Chapel of the Resurrection is located in one of the historical districts of Malmedy. It was built in 1755 to plans made by Gaetano-Matteo Pizzoni, the architect of the Saint-Aubain Cathedral in Namur. Thanks to this new place of worship, the people of 'Vaux' were able to go to mass in their own district. The remarkable octagonal interior of the chapel is illuminated by the three large windows in the facades. The reason why this edifice is still so well preserved today is that it has undergone many lavish restorations. Thorough renovations took place in 1893, 1930/31, 1970 and 1992, and the roof was renewed too. The items to be admired include relics of St. Emerentia, St. Albina and St. Justus.




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Chapel of the Resurrection
Place du Pont-Neuf
4960 Malmedy