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Chapel of the mater dolorosa on the Oberste Heide


This chapel was built in 1707. It was consecrated to the mater dolorosa, to whom the citizens of Kettenis submit their requests in a solemn procession each year in September. A stone set in the rubble work edifice (in the pediment facing Nispert and Kettenis) reminds us by the chiselled initials it bears of the patrons, the married couple Hubert Raermecker and Catharina Burgers. In 1837 and 1838 the chapel was enlarged and its chancel extended, as can still be seen today on the coping stone of the bluestone arch above the entrance and on the quire. A relief slab depicting Veronica with the sudarium or "Veronica's veil", set on the front, is particularly striking. Of the original equipment, only the baroque altar in oakwood remains today.


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Chapel of the mater dolorosa on the Oberste Heide
Oberste Heide
4701 Kettenis