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Castle ruins


Bütgenbach Castle stood on a narrow mountain tongue surrounded by the Warche. Its history is closely linked to that of Sankt Vith and Monschau, as the same rulers ruled here for many years. Walram von Limburg, lord of Monschau and Bütgenbach, is considered to have built the castle in about 1240.  Over the centuries, the castle was destroyed several times and restored by the peasants, often against their will. Drawings only give an idea of how imposing Bütgenbach Castle must have been. The "BUTGENBACH 3 D" app enables you to virtually explore the castle in its original dimensions. Today, only ruins of some walls and a tower on the edge of the dam are visible. The former moat of the castle is currently used as an overflow for the reservoir when the water is high.


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Castle ruins
4750 Bütgenbach