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Capuchin Church


This church reminds one of the settlements of the Capuchins, who laid the foundation stone here in 1623. Apart from its spiritual mission, the order had devoted itself to the alleviation of physical complaints such as the plague and other epidemics. This era came to an end in 1789 with the French Revolution. After the monastery had been used as a town hall, a school and a weights-and-measures office, it was demolished in 1902 and replaced by a girls' school (later a music academy). Only the church was able to be preserved. Today, it is listed as a historical monument. Particularly worth seeing are The Adoration of the Shepherds by the Liège artist Englebert Fisen, dated 1686, and the wooden Madonna figure from the late 17th century, which is attributed to the school of Jean Delcour. The clock, with its double striking mechanism, is by the Malmedy clockmaker Jean Louis Wathelet and dates from 1755.


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Capuchin Church
Ruelle des Capucins
4960 Malmedy