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Calvary of Moresnet


The place of pilgrimage that is Moresnet-Chapelle is a place of veneration of the Virgin Mary and consists of a chapel of mercy, the pilgrimage church and the park-like Calvary with its way of the cross. It has its origin in the miraculous healing of the Moresnet citizen Arnold Franck from his falling sickness in about 1750.


In 1875, Franciscan friars from Aachen settled in Moresnet and took over the organisation of the cult of the Virgin Mary which was beginning in the region. During this process, they built a way of the cross for the faithful on the Calvary. For each of the stations on the way of the cross, a concave vault was built with bricks of the kind used in circular kilns. The decorative material for the stations was supplied by local factories and donated by craftsmen. The area framing the way of the cross was planted with 68,000 ornamental plants, some of them exotic, and they still make up a colourful park today. The Calvary was finally completed in 1903. Since then, it has been the destination of numerous processions.  


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Calvary of Moresnet
rue du Calvaire
4711 Moresnet-Kapelle