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The tranquil village of Berg, wonderfully situated on a hill above Lake Bütgenbach, offers a unique panoramic view. Numerous linden trees adorn the paths and streets in the village. Historical records indicate that the first settlements in Berg took place around 1530. At that time, the place was known as "Uffemberg" or "Uffenberg" (on the mountain) or in French, "Berg-sur-Warche", due to its mountain location. The Warche, which flows past Berg in the valley, was dammed to form the Bütgenbach reservoir from 1932. The dam is 23 metres high and 140 metres wide. The reservoir contains 11 million cubic metres of water.

The Berg chapel
The Odilia well
The village house/school with playground
The Kreuz im Konnenbusch
The large neo-Gothic cross from the 19th century, which adds another sight to the list of the regional cultural heritage.

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