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Restaurant Albert 1er

Place :Malmedy


Take a journey through the dishes. A fragrant cuisine reminiscent of both the local and Italian flavours from which the chef draws his inspiration to delight true gourmets.
Each dish is accompanied by delicious wines. In order to perpetuate excellence by offering you quality wines, Marino, the former owner, advises us from his shop "Vinitali".


Closing and annual holidays: consult the website

Opening hours

Mon -
Tue -
Wed 12.00 h to 23.00 h
Thu 12.00 h to 23.00 h
Fri 12.00 h to 00.00 h
Sat 12.00 h to 00.00 h
Sun 12.00 h to 23.00 h

General information

Indoors seating capacity  : 30
 : 14/20
Outdoors seating capacity : 30
Categories :  Restaurant
Culinary specialties :  French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Gastronomic
 Wifi internet access
 Conditioned air
 Kid's menu
Methods of payment : 
 Bank card
 Credit card

Offers / proposals

Menu from 58 € or "à la carte" meal



Contact details

Restaurant Albert 1er
Place Albert 1er 40
4960 Malmedy

T. +32 80 33 04 52

E. info@hotel-albertpremier.be
W. http://www.hotel-albertpremier.be