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Castle and pottery museum


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The water castle in Raeren stands out in the village. Whereas its defiant walls seem indestructible, it houses very fragile goods. The castle keeps the pottery museum of the village. More than 2000 exhibits from the 14th to the 19th century record the former importance of potteries, which exported into the whole world.

The self-conscious potters didn’t mince matters.Around 1570-80, Jan Emens Menneken, Raerens most well-known potter, decorated his beer mugs with ribald slogans. One of these mugs can be investigated in a showcase of the museum. Contemporary works of ceramic out of the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion also perform a historico-cultural link to the present age.


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Entrance : 2 - 3€

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Children <12 ans: free Guided tours: 30 € Different pedagogical offers for children, school classes and adults upon request. A Euregion ceramics market with about 70 professional participants takes place the second weekend of September.



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Castle and pottery museum
Burgstraße 103
4730 Raeren

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