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Ostbelgien Rennrad 05(c)eastbelgium

Agenda & cycling links

Tips and tours from genuine cyclists are always the best foundation for a well planned racing bike tour. Here, we've put together all the links and contacts to East Belgian cycling clubs and official organisations. This doesn't just include any amount of route material and GPS tracks, but also dates and information for organised rides and meeting points in the region.

Cycling calendar

Calendar Fédération Cycliste Wallonie-Bruxelles  www.fcwbliege.be
Calendar Fédération du Sport Cycliste au Luxembourg  www.fscl.lu 
Calendar Radsport in Deutschland  www.rad-net.de 
Calendar Wielersportbond Vlaanderen  www.cycling.vlaanderen/competitie/kalender
Calendar DVV Cycling Tour  www.sport.be
Calendar GoCycling  www.gocycling.be 
Calendar O2 Bikers  www.o2bikers.com


Cycling clubs

RSV St.Vith  www.rsv.be
Eifelbiker Bütgenbach  www.eifel-biker.be
RSK Eupen  rsk-eupen.be
Cyclo Club Helowa Herbesthal-Lontzen-Walhorn  https://cchelowa.be/
Vélo-Club Kelmis  www.vclc.be
Vélo Club Malmedy https://veloclubmalmedy.be/




Cycling associations

East Belgian Cyclists' Federation www.vor-cycling.be
Walloon Cycling Federation www.federationcyclistewalloniebruxelles.be
Flemish Cycling Federation www.competitie.dewielerbond.be
Belgian Cycling Federation www.belgiancycling.be
Luxembourg Cycling Federation www.fscl.lu
German Cycling Union www.rad-net.de
General German Bicycle Club www.adfc.de
French Cycling Union www.ffct.org