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Four big B’s

Even in the brewery-country Belgium, the brewery of Bellevaux is something special. For instance, the crystal-clear water without which one couldn’t brew a good beer comes out of a source in the village itself. Apart from that, everything revolves around the 4 big B’s: Brune, Blonde, Blanche and Black are the beer types of Bellevaux. None is filtered or pasteurised. A tour of the brewery will give you further information.
The brewery is not only a worthwhile destination for beer-lovers though: it is also the starting and end point of 4 walking routes of different length. The route descriptions can be obtained at the brewery for free, or can be downloaded online. After the walking, you can appease your hunger and thirst on the sunny terrace or the homely pub with a beer (or other drink) and regional foods that are prepared on site. In the small boutique of the brewery, visitors can not only find the different types of beer with their respective glasses, but also a selection of delicious, regional products.

Guided tours are programmed every Saturday and Sunday at 4:00 pm.
Tours for groups (bigger than 15 people) upon request.


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Brasserie de Bellevaux
Rue de la Foncenale 1
4960 Bellevaux

T. +32 80 88 15 40