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four-valleys tour – 6 days

From 775€ / person
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Romantic valley of the Our
Burg-Reuland castle ruins
St Vith and his historical past
Forest landscapes
Valley of the Warche
Wilde panoramas over the Belgian Eifel landscape
Lakes of Bütgenbach and Robertville
Malmedy, small tourist town

Included in the price

  • 5 overnight stays with breakfast in 5 hotels
  • 5 evening meals
  • 5 packed lunches
  • hiking maps + descriptions of the route 
  • baggage transport
  • Return by taxi to the starting point
  • documentation


Day 1: Schönberg – Burg-Reuland (26,7 km)

"Do you actually realise what a paradise you live in?" That is how the Belgian King Balduin I expressed his enthusiasm for the charming landscape of the Our valley when he visited Schönberg. That was in 1967. And as far as that landscape is concerned, nothing whatsoever has changed. But perhaps the king's statement has even more significance today than it did then! In the naturalness of this landscape, both mind and spirit can find peace. In the villages along the route, there are little chapels and historical edifices to be seen again and again. Whatever happens, sufficient time should be scheduled for a visit to the castle ruins, which date from the 12th century. 

Burg-Reuland – St. Vith (15 km)

When this walk begins, it's the views that make a strong impression. You become aware of the sparse settlement of the region, but also of the many natural habitats that offer animals and plants a safe retreat. For the hiker seeking recreation, of course, these are perfect conditions for undisturbed landscape experiences. While you're going along, always remember to keep your eyes peeled, because sometimes it's the little things to the left and right of the trail that you remember the longest. The churches, chapels, shrines and statues of the Virgin Mary at the side of the route endow this stage with a spiritual character and thus invite visitors to set out on a pilgrimage.

Day 3: St. Vith – Ligneuville (20 km)

From St. Vith, this walk goes easily through fertile estates and then up to the wooded Tomberg. Here, near Rodt, a part of St. Vith, a ski hut has been built. However, no-one should be put off by that, because there's plenty to be experienced here in the summer, too. Various different possibilities for hiking, restaurants and cafés and the unusual beer museum guarantee an entertaining day. In the charming village of Recht, you have the exciting possibility of going down into a slate gallery. For centuries, a special kind of slate was mined here. It was known by the name of 'Recht bluestone', and was much coveted. From the village of Pont onwards, the hike goes along the Amel to Ligneuville.

Day 4: Ligneuville – Malmedy (21 km)

From Ligneuville, the hiking trail GR 56 goes through a varied landscape of woodland, fields and meadows, many of which have mature fruit trees growing in them. Sadly, orchards of this kind have become very rare in the cultivated, developed landscapes we have today. What could be more relaxing than sitting in the grass in the shade of a fruit tree enjoying the freshest fruit you could possibly get? From the Amel, you go straight over to the Warche, and then on into the beautiful little town of Malmedy with its numerous sights. The fact that the visitor can encounter something really special here is particularly worthy of mention! Every year, the town is affectionately adorned with thousands of flowers – a thing which is really worth seeing!

Day 5: Malmedy – Bütgenbach (23 km)

It's a well-known fact that many things are in the eye of the beholder, but it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that this stage is the most exciting one on GR 56. At least, that is certainly the case when the route offers you narrow, unspoilt trails along a ridge and really deep views into narrow valleys. And the whole thing is peppered with unique nature experiences and cultural and historical attractions! That's the recipe for really great hiking. It's a little bit strenuous, too, but there's another refreshing lake coming up as a reward! In Robertville itself there's something going on the whole year round. The long established, traditional village fêtes are very much to be recommended.

With one of its backwaters, the reservoir has its northern boundary very close to the place it got its name from, the town of Robertville. The walk goes along the southern shore of the lake, which wends its way through the valley. This mixture of being very close to the water while experiencing quaint trails and tranquil spaces is very delightful. Of course, that does make it rather tempting to sit down here and take a rest there. But taking one's leave of this charming lake is made a little bit easier by the knowledge that there is another reservoir in Bütgenbach to gladden the hearts of all those hikers who love water. To get there, just follow the easy paths along the unspoilt Warche. By contrast, good footwear is called for on the section from Plattenberg to Weywertz, because there's coarse gravel to be tackled there.


Price :
From 775€ / person

Period of validity :

Bookable from spring 2024
* Price/pers. for double room