Livre illustré - Eastern Belgium & the German Community of Belgium

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Which river carries pure gold? Who does his cooking in old factory halls? What is an association at the Eyneburg up to? Why did Hermann Löns prefer the Hautes Fagnes to the Rhine? Where can you balance on 7,000 years of geology? Who’s afraid of the spirit of the Warche?
This is a green land, decorated with dandelions and buttercups, woven through with hedges behind which can be glimpsed the weary walls of fortresses and castles. Eastern Belgium has had to change national flags many times. That leaves its mark on the people – speaking German, French and Dutch – who are working today on the construction of their own little Europe.
What brings them together is also what the tourists love: towns like Eupen, Malmedy and St. Vith, colourful folklore, a love of good food, tasty beer, romantic lakes, gloomy woods, lonely rivers and the unique high moor landscape of the Hautes Fagnes, which conceals many a secret ...

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