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Cycle trips

Whether you're on a racing bike, a touring bike or a mountain bike, we put together East Belgium's most beautiful routes for you in a package. And there's something in it for everyone, from relaxed pedalling to athletically challenging cycle tours. With our attractive amenities, you always travel light, and safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of before, during and after each stage on your route.

Cycling tours


Stoneman Arduenna MTB

Accommodation facility packages are available for all those aiming to complete the Stoneman Arduenna MTB in one, two or three days! The accommodation partners are specially attuned to catering to mountainbikers. You're in the very best hands here and can feel at ease. Arrive, wash your bike, lock it away, relax and recover ... that's the name of the game – until you get back on the course.

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Sometimes flat, sometimes slightly hilly, and occasionally just a little bit steeper

More and more cyclists are discovering the little gem known as East Belgium with its idyllic routes right close up to nature as a place where they can pursue their dearest hobby in an oasis of tranquillity and free from stress, whether they're just out for the weekend or on holiday. En route, there are lots of little natural paradises and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered, and thanks to the good signposting getting your bearings is child's play.

The network of routes for leisurely cycle touring is signposted according to a honeycomb system, which makes any number of circuits possible. This ingenious system makes it possible to plan an almost limitless number of circuits, whether they're short family excursions, athletic day tours or round trips lasting several days. Sometimes the landscape is flat, sometimes it's slightly hilly, and just occasionally it gets a little bit steeper.

Cycle paths on former railway lines enjoy great popularity, and surprisingly, that is mainly true in hilly regions such as East Belgium. Where you might expect ups and downs that can only be overcome with a great deal of effort, disused railway lines which been adapted into cycle paths now run through tunnels beneath steep hillsides and cross valleys on viaducts. What is more, these cycle paths are well away from road traffic. Without any noticeable gradients (+/- 3%), they take you through wonderful natural landscapes and past well tended front gardens and terraced cafés which invite you to stop in for a rest and some refreshment.

With a network of routes totalling more than 480 km, East Belgium is among the largest and most beautiful MTB destinations in Belgium. Extensive woodland areas, lots of lonely Singletrails, the valleys of the rivers Warche, Amel, Our, Weser and Hill and the hilly nature park landscape in the High Fens offer ideal conditions for countless tours with a high fun factor. Almost 400 m of altitude separate the highest point at the Signal de Botrange (694 m) from the lowest point in Ouren (+/- 300 m) in the border country between Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

The network of routes offers both challenging tours that guarantee your calf muscles some real work, and unhurried tours for those who just want to get out and enjoy, in the midst of abundant nature. Friends of XC can choose from 18 signposted circuits which have been reconnoitred and selected from the network by locals. Marathon riders can put themselves to the test on the East Belgium tour, which totals 190 km.

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