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Coronavirus in East Belgium: The most important information

Safety during your holiday

Find here a summary of the current Covid-19 recommendations for your stay:
+++update 18/01/2021+++

Info & news about winter in East Belgium at: https://www.ostbelgien.eu/en/news/article/2021/01/winter-info-2021

Official information on the latest developments & regulations:

On 27th november 2020, the National Security Council decided to introduce a new risk management strategy. It is about:

  • to comply with the rules of hygiene,
  • to carry out its activities preferably outdoors,
  • to think about vulnerable people,
  • distance to be kept (1.5 m),
  • Meetings on public roads are limited to a maximum of 4 persons.
  • It is forbidden to be on the public road between 22 p.m. and 6 a.m., except for essential, non-postponable exits / trips, such as trips for urgent medical reasons, business trips and trips to and from work.
  • Restaurants are closed.
  • Shops are allowed to reopen under strict security conditions.
  • The sale of drinks and food is prohibited after 22 p.m.
  • The sale of alcohol is prohibited after 20 p.m.

Wearing a protective mask remains compulsory if safety distances cannot be guaranteed. However, as it is unnecessary to wear them always and everywhere, masks will no longer be compulsory outdoors from 1 October, except in places (determined by local authorities) where large numbers of people gather and where the safety distances cannot be guaranteed. Masks will continue to be compulsory in well-defined covered places such as public transport, shops, regardless of the number of visitors (see list in the Ministerial Decree).

Valid from Monday, 2020/11/2:

Hotels and Bed&Breakfasts, youth hostels and seminar centres are open. But: restaurants, bars and other common rooms must remain closed. Food and drinks (including breakfast) can only be served in the room. Rooms may only be occupied by members of the same household and no more than their one and only "cuddle contact".

Holiday homes are open. Maximum occupancy: exclusively one household + 1 ("cuddle contact"). In return, however, the wellness area is allowed to be in use, since it is or must be used for strictly private purposes.

Camping: Permanent campers are allowed to visit their vehicles (only members of the same household). Transit camping has to close. Common rooms must be closed - according to our current interpretation also sanitary facilities...

Holiday villages and holiday parks close, but those who have a secondary residence there, i.e. have their own bungalow etc., may visit it.​

Cafés and restaurants are closed. Takeaway meals are available until 22:00. Receptions and banquets are prohibited. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited after 20.00 hrs.

Museums and swimming pools may open in accordance with the protocol of their sector.

Are closed:

  • amusement parks and indoor playgrounds;
  • theatres and cinemas;
  • congress halls;
  • The ski slopes in Belgium remain closed until further notice.

Indoor cultural events are not allowed.

Latest information on travel advice are available at diplomatie.belgium.be

Travelling is strongly discouraged. For those who do travel, the rules will be tightened. Anyone staying in a red zone for more than 48 hours is considered a high-risk contact.

Upon returning *from a trip*, a mandatory quarantine of 7 days applies and negative test results will need to be proven. This quarantine is not compulsory if the traveller’s Passenger Location Form (PLF) shows that the risk of infection is low because of their behaviour. The calculation of this risk score on the PLF will be made stricter.

  • At the beginning of 2021, a new PLF system will be introduced, distinguishing between professional and private travel. Business travellers with a certificate from their employer should not have to quarantine providing their PLF shows no risk behaviour. All other travellers must respect quarantine in all circumstances.
  • From 25/12 onwards, all *non-residents* travelling to Belgium from a red zone must submit a recent negative test result (i.e. less than 48 hours old).

In addition, there will also be increased controls applied in respect of filling in the PLF upon arrival in Belgium. Compliance with mandatory quarantine will also be tightened.

> You can find the form here:

> All information about restrictions on entry and exit at https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/BEL

See the official information at: https://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/faq/