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High Fens remain accessible to visitors - parking strictly controlled

Published on 07.01.2022

The High Fens should remain accessible even when there are many visitors. Due to the limited parking capacity of 2.400 vehicles, law enforcement officers will ensure an improved traffic management and pay close attention to the respect of parking regulations. All visitors are advised to consider other destinations in East Belgium.

The aim of the implemented traffic strategy is not to refuse anyone in the High Fens, but to spread the visitors over all East Belgian municipalities thanks to improved traffic management and communication. Corresponding decisions were taken by  a task force for an improved visitor management in the High Fens. In addition to the police, this group also includes representatives of the municipalities, the services of the provincial governor, the forestry offices, the road construction administration and the East Belgium Tourist Agency.

Thus,  the concept without closure will continue to apply, as it has proven successful on the past weekends. Police officers from the respective police zones will be on the road to strictly enforce the parking and traffic rules.

The Forestry Commission asks all hikers to adhere to the following regulations in the High Fens area:

  • It is strictly forbidden to leave the paths, boardwalks and hiking trails;
  • It is essential to observe these three prohibition signs, which are marked by pictograms on site:
    • Passage forbidden
    • Bicycles prohibited
    • Dogs prohibited, even on a leash
  • Camping, bivouac camps and lighting campfires is not permitted in the High Fens.

It is also strongly recommended to start early and to finish the walk before nightfall.

More information about hiking in the High Fens:

Use other destinations

Despite the improved visitor management, parking spaces in the High Fens are limited and visitors are asked to switch to less frequented localities. The East Belgium Tourist Agency recommends instead to use the possibilities offered by the junction node network, the walking route planner and the app "GO Eastbelgium".

All the information you need to ensure perfect planning can be found on the East Belgium Tourist Agency's website:

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Instead of taking the High Fens route, winterhikes can be planned in the following villages, for example:

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