Corona-Virus – information for touristic guests in East Belgium

Published on 14.05.2020

East Belgium Tourist Agency informs on important decisions and current measures

Due to the current spread of the coronavirus in Belgium and Europe, protective measures for the population have been adopted at national level. These should lead to a significant containment of the virus. The tourism sector is also affected by the measures.

+++UPDATE 14/05/2020+++

Wednesday 13 May, the National Security Council met with the Minister-Presidents. Based on the report by the Group of Experts for an Exit Strategy (GEES), the National Security Council has decided to initiate Phase 2 of the exit plan from 18 May.

From a tourism point of view the following regulations apply:

  • An aspect in this phase is culture. The National Security Council has decided that museums and cultural attractions, i.e. historic buildings and monuments, castles and citadels, can reopen their doors from 18 May, provided they set up an online or phone ticketing system and take the necessary measures to avoid overcrowding. Libraries will remain open, under the same conditions as now.
  • Furthermore, markets may be re-organised with the agreement of local authorities. The markets may have a maximum of 50 stalls, a circulation plan must be drawn up and social distancing must be respected at all times. It is mandatory for vendors and their staff to wear a mask or mouth-nose protection and customers are strongly advised to do the same.
  • Finally, a number of other decisions have been taken with regard to sports and leisure. Nature attractions, such as zoos, will also be allowed to reopen, provided that they introduce an online or phone ticketing system to restrict access to the public, that they draw up a circulation plan and that cafeterias and restaurants remain closed, as well as attractions and playgrounds. 
  • Accommodation, cafés, bars and restaurants must remain closed at this stage. Business tourism remains the exception, which is permitted.

The next phase of the exit strategy will not take place before 8 June.

> Here you can find an overview of the measures decided:

+++UPDATE 07/05/2020+++

The National Security Council took further decisions on 6 May (see press release) - from a tourism point of view the following regulations apply:

Cafés, bars and restaurants and festive, recreational, cultural and tourist places must remain closed at this stage. The following phase is normally scheduled for 18 May. 

By 18 June, the feasibility and conditions for the following activities will be studied:

  • the resumption of markets,
  • the reopening of museums, libraries, zoological gardens, etc,
  • The question of day trips and stays in secondary residences or holiday homes will be discussed during the preparation of Phase 3 (estimated date: 8 June). Until then at the earliest, day trips and overnight stays in East Belgium for recreational purposes are prohibited.

Press release of the National Security Council (only available in german, french oder dutch:

+++UPDATE 28/04/2020+++

The National Security Council decides on a first relaxation of the measures. From a touristic point of view, the following measures apply (depending on the development of the overall situation):

Expectedly as of May 18:

  • Day trips to certain areas of the country will be permitted;
  • Is it permitted to go to his secondary residence;
  • Can the opening of museums be considered.

From 8 June at the earliest:

  • Is the eventual progressive reopening of restaurants to be followed by cafés and bars.

Festivals and mass events are not allowed before 31 August.

The National Security Council is due to give its opinion at the end of May on foreign travel, youth camps, holiday animation, tourist attractions, but also on smaller outdoor events.

Entry into Belgium for holiday purposes is still prohibited.

> Here you can find an overview of the measures decided

+++UPDATE 16/04/2020+++

The measures for the spread of coronavirus have been extended by the National Security Council. The measures already adopted now apply until May 3, 2020.

+++UPDATE 20/03/2020+++

Hotels are not allowed to accept new guests - all other accommodation establishments must close

Tourist accommodations in the Province of Liège are no longer allowed to receive guests. All guests must have left their accommodation by 6 p.m. on Friday evening 20 March at the latest. Hotel establishments may remain open under certain conditions. However, hotels are not allowed to receive new holiday guests.

The following accommodation establishments must close immediately in accordance with the Liège Province decree:

  • Holiday apartments
  • Bed & breakfast
  • Camping sites
  • Group accommodation such as youth hostels. 
  • The ban also applies when rooms or apartments are offered on sharing portals such as AirBnB or Wimdu.

Only people who are registered at the address of the tourist accommodation may stay. The local authorities and the police services will monitor compliance with the ban.

+++Update 13/03/2020+++

The following regulations will come into force for all tourist businesses in East Belgium from Friday, March 13th (from 12 p.m.) up to and including May 3, 2020:

  • Restaurants, cinemas, excursion destinations, museums will remain closed;
  • All events have been cancelled untill May 3, 2020 or postponed to another date;
  • All Tourist Information Centres are closed. However, they can be reached by phone, e-mail and social media. The House for Tourism High Fens - East Belgium in Malmedy will be closed up to and including May 3, 2020;
    > Here you can find the contact addresses
  • Snacks, Drive-ins and grocery stores will remain open, shops selling non-essential goods have to close;
  • All individual outdoor activities (hiking, cycling...) are still allowed only with the people who live under the same roof or with a friend. This is only allowed when the social distance of 1.5m is respected.

Further information on this topic:

> In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Belgian government decided to take some drastic measures.

Telephone number for health issues: 0800/14.689

The official website for the coronavirus is

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