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Escape Challenge Malmedy

Place :Malmedy


One team, one escape room, one hour to solve the enigma! You don’t need much to experience an unforgettable and very amusing adventure with your friends, colleagues or families. Six different escape rooms with six different and realistic thematic decors await you. You have the choice and can take up the challenge. Will you succeed in finding the objects, opening the padlocks, solving the puzzles and escape the room? Or will it be “Mission impossible“? For 4 till 15 players.

Opening hours

Mon -
Tue -
Wed 13.00 h to 22.00 h
Thu 13.00 h to 22.00 h
Fri 13.00 h to 22.00 h
Sat 13.00 h to 22.00 h
Sun 13.00 h to 22.00 h

General information

 People in wheelchair
 Persons with reduced mobility

Offers / proposals

1-2 enigma: 95 €/enigma (6-12 people). 3-4 enigmas:90 €/enigma (13-24 people). 5 enigmas: 85 €/enigma (25-30 people). 3-6 people/enigma. La Cave de l'ingénieur Mills : 290 € (8-15 people) Kids enigma:85 € (6-10 kids, 6-12 year). Birthdays parties.

Information about opening hours

Open upon reservation from Wednesday to Sunday.

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (except groups of more than 10 pax and schoolholidays).



Contact details

Escape Challenge Malmedy
avenue de la Libération 1/5
4960 Malmedy

T. +32 80 87 01 11

E. info@escapechallengemalmedy.be
W. http://www.escapechallengemalmedy.be