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Best E-bike Adventure

PlaceSankt Vith

From  35,00 €


E-bike rental and workshops

Improve your endurance, learn new techniques in cycling.
Our team has the necessary know-how and expertise in logistics and mechanics.
Small groups, suitable accommodation and individual programmes guarantee the quality of our services.
The High Fens-Eifel Nature Park provides the backdrop.


Our tours:

For those who want to climb on the saddle for the first time or again. Duration: 2 hours, group of 3 - 8 persons. Level of difficulty: basic control of a bicycle (balance, braking and pedalling). Accessible to everyone. Easy tracks and beautiful country roads.

Discover the most beautiful routes of East Belgium. Duration: 3 hours, group of 3 - 8 people. Difficulty: Depending on the level of the group. Wide and easy routes, but also more difficult routes where more technique and control adapted to the level of the group. Difference in altitude from 200 m to 500 m. We take a break at a pleasant rest stop.

Mastery of the mountain bike and all techniques is a must (balance, gear changes, pedalling, braking,...). Duration: 4 - 5 hours (1 hour break), group of 3 - 8 people Difficulty: Depending on the level of the group. Wide and easy trails, but also more difficult passages requiring more technique and control. The break is organised according to the group's wishes and budget.

General information

E-bike rental 1 day : 35 - 55€

Offers / proposals

35-55 euros (e-bike rental and escort). Group rates.



Contact details

Best E-bike Adventure
Recht, Zum Huppertzberg 22
4780 Sankt Vith

T. +32 477 83 07 37

E. info@bikathlonasbl.com
W. https://www.bikathlonasbl.com/copie-de-decouverte-de-le-bike/