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Walking tour – Ouren star walks – 3 days

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Three beautiful walks take you across three borders. The village of Ouren is at the southernmost point of Eastbelgium. The gentle hill landscapes and picturesque valleys, formed by numerous streams, make an enchanting décor which radiates peace and tranquillity. Ouren, with the floral decoration on its houses, exudes a very special charm all its own. The entrance of the village features the rittersprung (knight's leap), a ledge associated with the legend of a knight.

Included in the price

  • 2 overnight stays with breakfast in a hotel
  • 2 evening meals
  • 2 packed lunches
  • hiking maps 
  • documentation


Day 1: The Luxembourg star walk (11 km)

The village of Ouren in the border country between Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg is just made for cross-border hikes. That's why the first day starts with an excursion to Luxembourg. In the centre of the village, you follow the GR signs (red-and-white bars) towards Lieler, a small border village in the Grand Duchy. Going past the Europe Monument, you walk through the Our valley. The village of Lieler is 470m above sea level, for which reason there are, once again, a few panoramic views to be enjoyed along the route. Going downstream along the Ridbach, the trail then goes back past the Europe Monument to Ouren.

Day 2: The German star walk (15 km)

The second stage takes you to Lützkampen, right on the Belgian-German border. Some 15 km long, this trail runs mainly through shady woods, which means that it can also be managed without any problems when the weather is very hot. Follow the Our in an upstream direction, leaving the village going past the campsite. You walk up to the summit and soon come across the boundary stone with the number 39. From there, you follow the German trail markings ('W signs'). Continuing through a beautiful deciduous wood you come to Lützkampen, after which the route goes back downhill again. Via the main path, which goes into a fir wood further down, you finally come to Welchenhausen with a magical panorama out over the slopes and hills by the Belgian Our. The picnic area is a good place for a woodland snack. Now, following the Belgian signposting again (yellow crosses), you make your way back to Ouren.

Day 3: The Belgian star walk (22 km)

The third day of the star walk takes you to Burg-Reuland. Following the Our upstream, you reach Oberhausen. From there, you ascend to a magnificent plateau with a unique view out over the Junkersburg and the fabulous panorama of the twin slopes of the Our. After descending, you cross the ford on the Federbach and go uphill through a coniferous forest on a stone track. When you get to the top, you are greeted by a wonderful panorama out over Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Burg-Reuland is about half way. The GR hiking trails 5 and 56 (red-and-white signs) both go up to these impressive castle ruins. At first, the way back proceeds along the former railway line and back over the magnificent hills. Then, saving the best till last, the concluding part of this walk still has a few rocky trails in store before you return to Ouren. 


Price :
From 210€ / None

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Available from 4 April 2020 to 1 November 2020
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